If you are charged with Failure to Have Insurance / Proof of Insurance then you have certain options.

1.  If you had insurance at the time you got the ticket then you should have your insurance company complete the Proof of Insurance form.  At your First Appearance or Arraignment notify the court that you have the Proof of Insurance form completed.  If you do not have the form completed ask to contest your case and your case will be continued until a trial date.   Click here to get the Proof of Insurance Form.   

     PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PROOF OF INSURANCE FORM IS THE ONLY WAY TO PROVE THAT YOU HAD VALID INSURANCE AT THE TIME YOUR WERE STOPPED.  An insurance policy or insurance card does not provide proof as these may be cancelled for various reasons after they are issued including but not limited to non-payment.

2.  If you come to court you may qualify to enter a plea of nolo contendere under these Court Rules. 

      (1)  This must be the first time in the last five years you have been charged with this offense; AND,
      (2a) You have purchased insurance on the vehicle (with proof); or,

    (2b) The vehicle is permanently inoperable, junked, sold or repossessed; or,
      (2c) The vehicle is not yours (and you can provide the court with the name and address of the owner). 

 By entering a plea of nolo contendere the state usually does not suspend your license further.


(This page last updated on: Sunday, December 17, 2017)