If you have EVER been convicted, pleaded guilty, pleaded nolo, or in anyway been held responsible for a DUI then you can not legally travel to many foreign counties without special permission from the government of each county you wish to visit.  These countries include; but, are not limited to Canada and/or much of Europe.  I have not been able to determine the policy of the Country of Mexico.  You should check with the consulate(s) of all of the various country(s) you plan to visit at least 6 months in advance of your trip.  Many countries have the information and forms available on the internet, but the approval process may take months. 

     The reason behind the DUI issue is that these countries consider DUI a felony, which makes you a convicted felon under the laws of that country.  If you are in a traffic accident or for some other reason the authorities have a reason to check your driving record in the United States and a DUI is listed then you are arrested and detained as an illegal immigrant.  In most cases you are deported through the immigration process of the country rather than just being allowed to leave.  It gets very ugly, very quickly.  The more aggressive enforcement was a result of "9/11" travel changes.

     DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSIONS and TEMPORARY LICENSES - Click here for information about  License Suspensions and Temporary Licenses If this is your first DUI in five years the clerk of court will  automatically give you the affidavit from the City of Americus Municipal Court for you to take to the Georgia Department of Driver's License Service.  However, this does not mean that you will get a temporary or  work permit as the Georgia Department of Driver's License Service has other requirements which you must meet.


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